Akopium.com Hyip Review : 0.7% – 1.7% daily for 365 days

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About Akopium.com

At the heart of Akopium.com financial activity lies the principle of private capital and investment. They are is specialists and professionals of their work, headed by Alexander Wittelsbach. Traders, managers, programmers and SEO-experts every day direct a colossal experience in development of the capital and functional of the company Akopium LTD. Akopium.com collective embodied the ideas of cohesion and unity of views on the one hand and complete creative independence with the other.

Akopium.com follow proven effective strategies, not forgetting to implement non-standard ideas and translate them into reality. They can confidently state that Akopium LTD is a company unique in its views and principles of operation, confidently developing and pursuing its goals – leadership and primacy in the investment market.

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 Basic Information

Min Investment
Min Withdraw$ 10
Avg. Refer Rate1 Level Refer System 5%
Payment Type
Company TypeHyip
Web I.P104.27.190.239
Company AddressU.K
Company No11488248
Payment AcceptedBitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash

Investment Plan Of Akopium.com

0.7% – 1.7% daily for 365 days Minimum Investment 10$, Maximum Investment No Limit

Complete Review Of Akopium.com 

Akopium.com LIMITED is an officially registered company in the UK (confirmed by the certificate 11488248). Everyone can visit our office in central London, having previously agreed to meet with representatives of the company. Akopium LTD operates only through the website www.akopium.com.

Akopium.com offer investors five tariff plans with a variety of conditions. You have a unique opportunity to earn from 24% to 84% per month with annual capital investments. The profit is charged from Monday to Friday with the return of the deposit body at the end of the 365-day period. They realized the possibility of opening up to ten deposits for each investment plan from one account. For those wishing to increase the turnover of existing deposits, a loyalty program “Reinvest Plus” has been developed. For each of the portfolios you bought, you can put 0% to 100% of the return on the re-investment at any time, that is: 0% Reinvest – 100% of your daily profit goes to you to the Account Balance; 30% Reinvest – 70% of your daily profit goes to you for Balance, and 30% for Portfolio Purchasing; 50% Reinvest – 50% of your daily profit goes to you for Balance, and 50% for Portfolio Purchasing; and so on.

Special Features of Akopium.com


You can be assured of safety of your means and reception of a stable profit irrespective of any force-majeure situations. The platform regularly contributes to a single insurance fund, designed to cover the drawdown.


Customers with an active lifestyle position are offered cooperation in a new format. Bring in partners and get a percentage of the reward from the amount of their investment plus the total turnover of the structure. More partners – more rewards!


Akopium.com care about the safety of your funds and personal data. The company’s website is protected from DDoS attacks and uses modern encryption methods. They do not require identification and verification documents – the investments are completely anonymous.

Cloud Mining

The platform uses the process of extracting crypto currency using a remote data center with a total processing power. We can beat the bitcoins or altcoins without direct control of the equipment.

Blasting Technology

They apply a chain of blocks to allocate a database that does not have storage devices connected to the shared server. This database stores an ever-growing list of ordered records, called blocks.

AKOP system

The revolutionary AKOP technology is the sharing of the computing power of trading robots to make fast, profitable trades with the efforts of several traders.

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