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About Csr.inpactor.com

Csr.inpactor.com Only 3% of international humanitarian funding is channeled to affected states, and a
mere 1.6% to local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) , according to the World 1 Disasters Report 2015. In 2015, in the US alone, the volume of charitable donations by individuals, estates, foundations, and corporations was estimated by Giving USA at $373.25 billion . 2 Effectively this means that out of roughly 373 billion only 11.2 billion is channeled to affected states, 5.9 billion to local NGOs, and a staggering 355.9 billion disappears in overhead (that’s 95.4% of funds).

There Csr.inpactor.com are many more sources that suggest that shocking portions of charitable donations are consistently absorbed by the inefficiencies and bureaucracy in both government and non-governmental organisations. Often large parts of donations and fundings are used to keep ineffective organisations alive and provide exorbitant salaries to those who run them, rather than solving pressing societal issues. As a result, public trust in the humanitarian community erodes, individual donations shrink, corporations shy away from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and, ultimately, humanitarian issues remain unattended to.

The current model isn’t working. We’re still working in an old-fashioned, centralised, top-down system, which believes in the fallacy of control. Were stuck, and we’re not talking about the real issues, which are incentives, behaviour and governance. What Csr.inpactor.com need is a whole new eco-system of smart humanitarianism, which responds to what is needed, which is flexible and diversified, and which is financed in new, smart ways.”

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Basic Information

Brand – Corporations, companies, businesses and for-profit organisations. 

Cause – NGOs, nonprofit organisations, and groups formed to pursue a social mission

Volunteer –  Individuals who freely offer to work for a Cause or social project

CSRi –  A usage token that can only be used inside Inpactor

CSRm –  A work token that can be used inside and outside of Inpactor

Proof of Stake –  A mechanism programmed to reward contributors for staking their CSRm tokens for the maximum term of 30 days.

95.4% of charitable 

When you donate money to a cause, you probably realise a portion of it goes towards “operating costs” and other incidentals. But do you know just how much of your donation evaporates without ever reaching those you donate to in the first place.Shocking reports by The Guardian1, Giving USA2 and the World Disasters Report3 reveal the sad truth:

In 2015 alone, out of roughly $373 billion in donations, only $11.2 billion was channeled to affected states. Another $5.9 billion went to local NGOs. While a staggering $355.9 billion went towards “overheads”. That’s a shocking 95.4% of funds disappearing into thin air – a number that holds consistent year after year. This figure is unacceptable and proves that something is broken in the humanitarian sector. It’s a wake up call for us to find a better way, sooner rather than later.

Benefits for Brands

  • Easily find suitable social projects & remove lengthy selection processes.
  • Receive ‘branding perks’ as an incentive on CSR initiatives & grow your brand.
  • Use CSR for impact, marketing, andretention – all at once – aligning internal cross-department motives.
  • Measure the impact CSR has on your business in terms of ROI.

Benefits for Causes

  • Easily list your project & publish it into a network of 1000s of Brands and Volunteers.
  • Attract funds from Brands by providing them with ‘branding perks.’
  • Attract, recruit, screen, and review volunteers using recruitment tools specifically designed for Causes.

Public trust

Due to the many issues in this sector that have persisted for decades, trust gradually wears away from companies and public.

Donations shrink

As a result, both public and corporate donors shy away from philantropy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Social problems persist

Pressing societal issues in dire need of sustainable development are left unattended, worsening the situation further.


The lack of transparency is applied to the funds provided by the Brand, and spent by the Cause. These funds are usually of large amounts and Brands want to see those funds used for its intended purposes, i.e. creating social impact.Competition for resources also affects transparency as Causes that receive much
needed funds may take a portion to keep the organisation afloat. The organisation’s sustainability is a significant concern to any organisation, including Causes, inclining them to reduce expenses to the bare minimum to carry out the Project and maximising the amount they can keep for the organisation, or for unwarranted individual gains. Again, this is a snowball effect of the unique stakeholder problems.


Transparency allows Brands to trace back where the funds have gone to, but reliability relates to how the funds should be spent. Constrained by a lack of know-how and manpower, many Causes are being run inefficiently. This mismanagement eats up the budget, exhausting funds that should rightfully go to its intended beneficiaries. In one case, several AIDS NGOs in Kenya were investigated for mismanaging US$166 million, over 30% of the global fund aid for Africa, due to mismanagement.

Key benefits of the CSR Tokens

The Brand is awarded CSRm each time they fund a Project. The CSRm is given as a bonus for sponsoring social Projects and is credited to their Inpactor account. This is done to encourage Brands to actively and continuously contribute to a social mission using Inpactor.

One-stop CSR platform

Inpactor is the world’s first one-stop platform connecting Brands to Causes to Volunteers, allowing them to easily create and implement humanitarian Projects, and earn incentives for their effort and performance. Inpactor is the underpinning technology that provides a scalable solution for Incitement’s approach to CSR. Not only does it allow for the creation of more social impact, it also provides a better and more consistent solution for each stakeholders’ challenges. Plus, the platform is free for anyone to use.

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