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The Hashing Power Credit System is similar to a Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Holders of Coin can stake tokens in the platform to gain proportionate rewards generated by the mining pool.Mining cryptocurrencies manually require the miner to own rigs that mine specific coins only. For example, Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) developed for Bitcoin cannot be used to mine Ethereum. Maxine will allow its users to freely switch between different tokens and mining pools to allow them to maximize their profits and returns.MXM brings you entry into the unrivaled MXM Global Miners Alliance community. Leverage on the operational and management expertise of the leaders of the mining community who came together for the unified goal of being the biggest mining pool.

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To preserve the rate of block production, a mining difficulty algorithm is used to determine
how computationally-difficult the block mining process should be. For the case of bitcoin, the
difficulty adjusts the number of leading zeroes within the SHA-256 hash of the block required
before a block is valid. The odds of generating a hash that starts with many zeros is very low
and would, therefore, require many attempts. To ensure each attempt produces a different result,
the nonce is incremented before each attempt.



As of 2017, the global cryptocurrency mining industry accumulated revenue of more than 2
billion dollars. 2017 also saw the returns on mining reaching as high as 1000%; The attractive
returns coupled with the futuristic potential of cryptocurrencies drew in countless of people to
the industry.

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Entities – This refers to individuals and organizations using their own mining equipment to process transactions and earn mining rewards and transaction fees Mining Pools – This group of individuals combines their computational resources with multiple miners to increase the likelihood and frequency of finding a new block. The block reward is then distributed among all participants based on their proportion of contributed computational resources Mining Hardware Manufacturing – Organizations designing and building specialized mining equipment Cloud Mining Services – Organizations that own large computational resources and rent out hashing power to customers Remote Hosting Services – Organizations that host and maintain customer-owned mining equipment.


Firstly,  the technical knowledge of blockchain is a natural barrier as not many can easily grasp it. To set up a mining rig, knowledge and familiarity of the technical aspects and
construction process is also needed, as well as the broad and individual cryptocurrency
macroenvironment. All these rather specialized requirements make it a lengthy and costly
process for investors to venture into mining. The tangible cost in purchasing the mining rigs
also require a huge sum of money to most, i.e. the price of an ASIC mining machine costs
more than RMB 10,000, and to obtain economies of scale to mine efficiently, the cost is
astronomical and beyond the reach of most people. In the current market, the consensus
mechanism based on Proof-of-Work is also disadvantageous because Bitcoin computing
power, for instance, is concentrated in the hands of a few. Large mining pools which are
already powerful are still expanding their scale and this makes it harder for ordinary investors
to keep up or venture in profitably.


Due to the financial characteristics and newer technological aspects of cryptocurrencies,
cryptocurrency-related activities are vulnerable to regulatory risks. Some possible policy risks
are as follows: Policy Impact on Price Government regulations are imposing restrictions and challenges on cryptocurrencies and mining. The policy stands of various regulatory authorities can directly or indirectly affect the overall market of the cryptocurrencies and impact on the overall profit of mining activities. While a decline in cryptocurrencies’ value theoretically leads to lower levels of mining and resulting in lesser mining difficulty, mining activities do not immediately decrease, meaning that costs remain the same at the same mining difficulty level while profitably drops.


MXM is an ERC-20 token issued by and has utility value in that it allows token holders to access the MaxiMine system and utilize the mining pool. MXM holders can pledge MXM to gain a portion of the hashing power of the whole network. MXM holders also have the right to participate in community building and gain access to mining expansion and technical support activities.

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